In order to be one out of ten, the initial capital raising should reflect an especially high valuation of the company. And here comes the art that we in macroVpoint know how to craft so well. We will accompany your startup closely and help you raise the company's value before the initial funding round so that instead of being valued at $1M your startup will be valued at $5M or more.



macro​V​point provides a range of services for excelled startups and superb technology companies within  early and advanced growth stages, catering for the different custom needs of each of our customers on  their acceleration growth path.

In other words, to be one out of ten who succeed.

   Below please find a summary of the different segments we handle and the services we  provide.   

How we help highly potential startups to become 1 out of 10?

Here is how we do it

Investment Ready Acceleration Services

  • Door opening and introductions to our Premium network of qualified investors and​ M&A ​opportunities  (where applicable) of the Best fit for the Company’s fundraising needs and growth plans  

  • Door opening and introductions to potential high tier customers, distribution channels, ​JV ​opportunities and  business partners of the right profile  

  • Accompanying The Company with the fundraising process, from letter of intent (​LOI​) investment term sheet,  through due-diligence and signing an investment agreement  

  • Ad-hoc negotiations with investors/partners to ameliorate the deal’s terms according to complex  developments management of investors, strategic partners and government relations  

  • Pre ​IPO​ fundraising and process management   

  • Managing repeated investments by investors  

 I.S.I.R​  ​I​srael ​S​tartup​ I​nvestor ​R​oadshow services

macro​V​point holds periodic roadshows in Singapore and ​USA​ introducing high potential companies, mainly from Israel, to our hundreds of our portfolio investors and strategic partners from Singapore, the​ SEA  region and from all over the world.

These roadshows, called .S.I.R​ I​srael ​S​tartup​ I​nvestor ​Roadshow services​, comes in three formats:  ​I.S.I.R​ ​Group Roadshow​,​ ​I.S.I.R​ ​Boutique​,​ I.S.I.R​ Premium. The very high tier exclusive roadshow includes​ 3-5​ intensive days of pitching and prearranged meeting

Below please find some details about the different types of​ I.S.I.R​ roadshows  

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Consultancy & Representation (​C&R​) Services

  • Advisory to the​ CEO​ and board  

  • Strategic planning for investment acceleration mode 

  • Ad​visory as to the business plan, valuation, investment process and the form of collaboration with potential  partners and distributors in the ​SEA ​region and beyond 

  • Marketing and ​PR​, representation in conferences and shows

  • Due-diligence, local legal and accounting advisory services  

  • Ad-hoc market research and related recommendations  

  • Exploring distribution and sales of The Company’s products, both in direct and indirect channels  

  • Support in sourcing for potential regional manufacturing partners, if required  Support in forming a Singapore entity, in the form of ​JV​ or partnership, for sales/distribution in the ​SEA

  • Distribution and sales management of the company’s products, offering direct and indirect channels. Being  the company’s one focal point for sales and distribution in this region  

Learn how we help Startups and Tech Companies to connect and raise capital with global investors.

Learn how we help investors around the globe to locate Israeli-based startup and tech companies in growth stages for investment purposes. 

Learn how we introduce and help corporations acquire the next promising startups and tech companies that will change the world.

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macroVpoint roadshow in Singapure

April , 2020