It is a known fact that Israeli technology is groundbreaking in every sense. What makes Israeli technology companies so successful is not only the innovative ideas but also the people behind the technology. These high-quality people are adaptable and flexible to any situation in which the market develops.

This is why investors and large organizations all over the world choose to invest in innovative Israeli technology that makes the world a better and safer place every day.


We at macroVpoint represent a wide range of Israeli startups with tremendous business potential and help to connect with investors and organizations world-wide that are interested in investing in them.


You can be one of them.


At macroVpoint, we specialize in sourcing for the most disruptive companies with highest growth potential and as equally important, the best teams to deliver. With our vast portfolio of companies, we provide our pool of qualified investors and corporations  with unmatched wealth of investment and partnership valid opportunities. 

The consultancy and representation services we provide our corporate customers are based on our ability to source for unique new technologies & opportunities, in accordance with the strategic goals and specific requirements of each of our customers. 

macroVpoint Investment Roadshows and and events in Israel 

Join us for a 5 days visit to the Startup Nation. Meet with the best technology companies Israel has to offer, Visit their offices, labs and factories. Enjoy the rich history, culture and hospitality of the Holy Land

Consultancy & Representation (​C&R​) Services

macroVpoint is offering investment consultancy services for qualified global investors:

  • Investment advisory to private and Institutional investors which focus on  Israeli technology companies

  • Basic advisory services definition

  • Representation, supervision and protection on all overall business interests as part of the investor financial investments in Israeli technology companies

  • Advisory services outputs

  • Monitoring the status of each company periodically and thematically.  Handling all Initiated and reactive communication with the companies.

  • Representation (Proxy), as needed, in all the companies shareholder/other meetings

  • Providing multi source business Information about the companies and stockholders.  Carrying out all companies related assignments on behalf of the investor

  • Advisory services extensions

  • Ad Hoc negotiations with the companies to improve the investments terms according to complex  developments

  • Ad Hoc market review and related recommendations

  • Managing repeated investments on behalf of investors

  •  New technology scouting - by demand

  • Special investment opportunities scouting - by demand

  • Special investment opportunities scouting - Initiated.  Unprejudiced Advisory in all of the adviser professional expertise  

  • Preparation and tailoring the investor's visit(s) to Israel

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